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Brain Awareness Week 11th -18th March 2021

As we approach this week we have the chance to thank all those involved in raising awareness of how important our brain is. This is a global campaign to raise awareness and raise vital funds for brain awareness, innovation, research and science.  The movement was started by the Dana Foundation and around the world many will take part in doing their bit to marvel the amazing things our brain does and to help those with a brain injury.  Scientists and doctors make a huge contribution for our benefit and we know that only too well with the rapid rate at which Covid-19 vaccinations were developed and how many lives have been saved during the pandemic.  We know there is hope but why is brain awareness necessary?

The Why? Our brain is hugely important to our existence and quality of life. It is responsible for the memory, thinking and the senses. It is the hub or motor control and the brain stem is part of the brain which is linked by the spinal cord to the rest of the body. It helps with our movement and our breathing.  We need to appreciate the  benefits of understanding brain science as it is important to us all.

As Clinical negligence specialists lawyers we act for clients with brain trauma and that is why we have a slight insight in how hard it is for the person with a brain injury and their families.

Brain trauma can be caused by events outside our control.  Such as,

  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumour
  • An accident, a fall, by contact sports such as boxing, rugby etc.
  • Meningitis
  • By not wearing a hard hat while cycling or working on a construction site.
  • Neurological disorder

The list is endless but we know of people around us who are affected by a brain injury.

How can we help?  There  will be events taking place to help raise awareness and to also support victims of brain trauma, check them out and get involved.

There will be community led events or individual events such as running to raise funds or coffee mornings or quiz events. Education and information to improve our understanding is our best hope.  The more I know about the brain and how  vital it is for our existence the more humble I feel knowing that I know very little about the wonders of our brain. So here is a huge thanks to all those wonderful people who are working tirelessly to support better brain awareness and those who support those with brain injury.

For more helpful information here are some great organisations.  -the British Neuroscience Association this is a charity which gives voice to those affected

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