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Cancer Operations Postponed Due to Rise in Covid Care

Cancellation of Urgent cancer operations

It’s been reported by the BBC today that potentially life-saving cancer operations have had to be postponed due to the rise in Covid patients needing urgent care by King’s College hospital in London.

Anyone with cancer in need of urgent care will be worried by these developments but we hope this is temporary and these operations can proceed as planned very soon. The cancellation affect patients in the “priority  2” category,  who should have surgery within 28 days. This is to stop the escalation of the disease and to stop the cancer from becoming inoperable.

Cancer is synonymous with immense worry and pain for the parents and their families so news like this will be extremely hard.

Senior health officials have been warning about the pressures on the NHS. Sadly, the delay of urgent operations will result in prolonged and needless suffering and  possible death of cancer patients. Over 70,000 people have lost their lives to Covid-19, some untimely and unexpected but these deaths.  There will be indirect deaths unless the spread of the virus can be brought under control  and doctors are allowed to treat other patients in need of urgent care.  

We hope the situation at this hospital will not affect other hospitals who treat cancer patients.

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Published by Daxa Patel

Clinical Negligence Solicitor & Partner

IMD Solicitors LLP


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