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Cyclist Receives £40,000 Compensation

Cyclist receives £40,000 compensation

Our specialist team of personal injury lawyers has recently recovered £40,000 for a client injured in a bicycle accident.

Our client was cycling to work along the main road in Salford. Suddenly and without warning a vehicle approaching from ahead turned right and in the path of our client. He hit the vehicle at speed and was thrown of the bicycle landing on the pavement a few metres away.

He suffered from fracture of the right leg and one of the toes, bruising to the face and the right eye and extensive bruising and cuts to the right side of his body requiring long hospital treatment.

Our client contacted us shortly after the accident to make a claim.

In every claim broadly speaking we have to prove two points.

  1. That there is someone who was negligent and is responsible for the accident.
  2. That  the injuries sustained in the accident were a result of that accident.

Initial investigations and establishing fault

The driver of the other vehicle initially denied that he was at fault for the accident and blamed our client for causing the accident. Unfortunately this is one of the most common tactics we see when dealing with this type of claim and this is why you need a specialist lawyer to help you with investigations.

We managed to obtain police reports, witness statements and CCTV which we than served on the other side. These showed that our client was not to blame and the driver of the other vehicle had no choice but to admit fault facing such overwhelming evidence.


In the meantime whilst we  were obtaining evidence on the above we contacted Defendant insurance and forced them to pay for our client’s rehabilitation and treatment and costs of travel by taxi to and from rehabilitation and treatment.

We also asked the other side to pay for the costs of his prescription medication.

We than secured for our client an initial part payment of compensation to help him with the finances as he was unable to work following the accident.

We than proceeded to obtain our client’s medical records and instructed one of the leading Orthopaedic surgeons in the UK to prepare a medico-legal report about his injuries.

Our client was really lucky that the injuries he suffered healed pretty quickly and at the time when we were negotiating his settlement he was almost back to where he was before the accident.


After lengthy negotiations we were finally able to secure our client £40,000 in compensation.

This particular case took IMD Solicitors 10 months to settle from the date we were first instructed to when our client received his compensation.

Thanks to their significant experience and excellent negotiating skills our specialist team of personal injury lawyers was able to achieve this substantial settlement for the client in a very short time.


If you or your family or friends suffered injuries in an accident that was not their fault please contact our team on 0330 107 0107 or email us at

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