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Infected blood scandal compensation

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Thousands of people received contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s leaving many with life- long consequences and premature death.  Many victims of which many remain unknown were exposed to blood contamination following blood transfusion during surgery or childbirth. 

Around 2,500 victims have died and those that have survived are left with a restricted life and a limited lifespan.  These victims were infected according to BBC with imported blood from the US which was made from a pool of blood donors, some from high risks groups such as prisoners. 

The Chair, Sir Robert Francis, Q.C. of the inquiry for victims of the blood contaminated scandal said there was an urgent need to make compensation payments quickly. His report published last month has made recommendations and the government has said they will consider this. However, what about the victims? Many victims as well as suffering from the physical and mental trauma of being infected with HIV and hepatitis C, have had to also endure financial losses due to the impact this has had on their lives.  Some were forced out of their jobs because of the stigma and children of victims were bullied at school.  Those who survive will have suffered loss of income, care costs and other significant losses.

It is hoped the government will honour the recommendations made by the inquiry and make urgent compensation payments. Families and victims have had to work hard to bring their plight to attention and their suffering continues while the waiting goes on.

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