The process for one of your employees making an employment tribunal claim in the UK against you recently got a lot easier.

The Supreme Court made the decision recently that Tribunal fees are unlawful and have since their introduction in June 2013, denied employees access to Justice.  As a result tribunal fees were, on Wednesday, 26 July 2017, abolished with immediate effect.

Are you at risk?

Employees now have no financial barrier to prevent them from making a claim against you.

If you took any chances over the last few years and disregarded employment law because you felt your employee wouldn’t be able to afford the tribunal fees, you’re now at an extremely higher risk of facing a claim.

If you have dismissed someone in the last three months or any have ongoing disciplinaries or grievances, you need to make sure your employment documentation is up to date.

You’ll also need to ensure that your working decisions and practices are watertight to ensure that there is no room for employees to make a complaint or bring action against you.

Is there any good news?

The answer is yes!  Firstly, the Tribunal fees abolishment goes both ways - if your business lost an employment tribunal claim since 2013 and had to reimburse your employees fees, you are due a refund. 

Secondly, our Employment Law experts here at IMD Solicitors can help not only with ensuring you are refunded any lost Tribunal fees but can also provide you with complete employment law support to protect your business now and moving forward.

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