Customs & Excise (HMRC) disputes

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Our team of solicitors specialise in HMRC investigations and are able to assist with both domestic and cross-border issues.

Seizure of vehicles, goods or cash by HMRC / UKBF

In recent years HMRC have adopted a much tougher and more aggressive approach to potential smuggling offences and Courts are taking these types of crimes very seriously and, if found guilty, are handing out long sentences in prison.

If you have had a vehicle, goods or cash seized by HMRC or UKBF and find yourself under investigation, then it is crucial that you seek expert legal assistance immediately.

If you feel that your vehicle, goods or cash were unfairly seized by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or the UK Border Force, our team can challenge the seizure and apply to have your goods returned.

Customs & Excise law is a complex area and should only be handled by an expert solicitor.  Our multi-cultural lawyers are specialists and have dealt with and been successful on a vast amount of cases to include those where:

  • You are suspected of smuggling by importing and exporting goods illegally
  • Your items are banned or restricted in the UK
  • You have broken UK custom laws or regulations

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Clandestine Entrants

Each year, many thousands of illegal migrants break into and hide inside vehicles entering the UK.  In most of these cases the person operating the vehicle will have no idea that the migrants are on board.

Even if you didn’t know, if your vehicle is stopped by the UK Border Force with migrants on board, you can expect to receive a hefty fine (civil penalty) unless you can demonstrate that you had proper systems in place to prevent the migrants accessing the vehicle.  If you didn’t have the systems in place at the time of being stopped by UKBF then you could pay a penalty of up to £4,000 per migrant.

If you fail to pay your penalty you can expect your vehicle to be seized and sold or even destroyed by the UKBF. You can also expect UKBF to pursue you for the full amount of your penalty.

You do have the right to appeal against both the issued penalty and its amount.  IMD Solicitors expert team of multi-cultural civil dispute lawyers are here to help.  Get in touch today.

Civil evasion penalties

Are you being investigated by HMRC for fraudulent declarations and/or dishonest claims for the repayment of duty or relief from duty?

HMRC can issue Civil Evasion Penalties of up to 100% of the amount evaded if you are found liable.

Our team can assist you in determining whether you are liable in the first instance and if so, may be able to reduce the cost of the penalty for you.

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