Debt Recovery

For whatever reason you are owed money, our determined debt recovery lawyers don’t give up and don’t take “no” for an answer.  Chasing people for monies owed can be frustrating and time consuming so why not let our experts do it for you.

We provide an exceptional service for our clients, offering strategic and high level advice and representation.  As a result, we cannot cost effectively handle debt recovery claims of non-commercial debts with a value below £10,000.

What are the stages of debt recovery?
  • Initial consultation: We will listen to your concerns and take all the details necessary for us to progress your case
  • Letter before action: We will send a formal letter to the debtor warning of court action if payment is not received in the time we give them. Receiving a formal letter from a Solicitor often makes the debtor pay up but if your monies have still not been paid, then it is time to consider instructing us to proceed with court action.
  • Court action: If your debtor has failed to pay you in the time given in the letter before action, it’s important to act quickly and issue court proceedings against them straight away. On instructing us, we will ensure that we receive a court judgment in your favour in a timely manner.
  • Enforcement: Once judgment is obtained, we pro-actively co-operate with the bailiffs to ensure your debt in its whole or highest possible amount is recovered and passed to you as quickly as possible.

If you need advice about a person or organisation that owes you £10,000 or more, contact our specialist debt collection lawyers today. 

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