Professional negligence

If you feel a previous solicitor, a financial adviser, valuer, surveyor or accountant or any other professional has failed to perform to the standards required of them and it has resulted in you suffering damage or loss in any way, then we may be able to make a claim for compensation for you.

When to contact a Solicitor

When contacting a professional advisor, we all expect them to approach our case with care and skill.  Of course, anyone can make a mistake however should you have suffered a loss as a result of this mistake, or bad service, we can make a claim if:

  • it can be shown that the advisor failed to adhere to the required standards of practice for their field
  • It can be shown that the advisor has made mistakes
  • it can be shown that any part of the advice you have received was wrong and another professional in the same field would have offered different advice

Following your initial enquiry, our expert team will assess the circumstances of your case, the consequences the actions of the professional has caused you and will advise you on your best course of action.

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