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Support to the people of Ukraine – Help us raise funds!

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🇺🇦 We at IMD Solicitors LLP are deeply saddened by the current situation in Ukraine. Innocent people like us are having to flee their homes with just the clothes on their back, some need to fight for their homeland and some precious lives have been lost.

💙 At IMD Solicitors we have decided to organise a fundraiser, to collect money for the Polish Humanitarian Action so appropriate help can reach those in desperate need as many have gone from having everything to becoming refugees. The impact on them is simply beyond imagination.

Visit and donate if you can here.

💛 We deeply believe in human rights and as citizens of the world we must help those who have suffered from this totally needless war in Ukraine.

💪 The IMD team have sent a challenge those participating will walk 10,000 steps on Saturday 12th March 2022. Our colleagues are working all over the world so each colleague will complete the challenge in their own time and at their own pace but we will all be doing it together as one team to show our support and solidarity to the people of Ukraine.

💷 Our target is to raise £10,000 but we know this is only a drop in the ocean given the level of support needed, however, what we raise we hope will make a difference. The Polish Humanitarian Action have a reputation of reaching out to the many refugees arriving in Poland. We welcome donations, no matter how small and we ask that you donate direct to PHA via this fundraiser (all donations will go to PHA).

💖 We are pleased to say IMD Solicitors will match the donations raised by the team from this challenge. Given the urgency of the situation we have kept the challenge fairly achievable so more people can join in. Thank you in advance for your support. Together we can help make a difference to support the Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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