Kristina Tomkeviciute

Chartered Legal Executive

Kristina joined IMD Solicitors as a paralegal in September 2019 and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives after completing her higher Diploma in law in 2018 and will be announced as Legal Executive upon completion of qualifying employment in 2020.

Kristina is responsible for dealing with  personal injury matters such as employers liability, road traffic accidents, occupiers liability, public liability, accidents abroad and criminal injuries.

Kristina specialises in catastrophic injury matters and assists Clients who suffered severe brain, spinal cord and multiple fracture injuries as well as Clients suffering from life changing psychological traumas.

Her case load involves high calibre matters such as fatal accidents and cases with fraud allegations against the Clients. Kristina also has a wealth of experience in complex employers liability disputes which involves dealing with multiple defendants.

Her practical and astute advice along with her technical expertise and personable approach, ultimately delivers  an impeccable service in all aspects of personal injury litigation.

Some of Kristina’s successful cases include:

  • Cyclist who suffered from orthopaedic injuries and brain damage, awarded £40 000.00
  • Victim of sexual assault, awarded £22 000.00
  • Pedestrian involved in an accident with another vehicle, rewarded £100 000.00
  • A driver involved in a road traffic accident who sustained multiple orthopaedic injuries, awarded £10 000.00

Some cases that Kristina is currently dealing with:

  • Construction worker who fell off the lift raised at 10 meters height and landed on the concrete. Incident which was reported in the national news.
  • Pedestrian  who was knocked unconscious by a defendant driver in the middle of the main road and sustained multiple fractures and brain injury
  • Factory worker who slipped on the oily substances and fell over. The Client knocked her head to the concrete ground very hard which resulted in severe brain injury and some orthopaedic injuries
  • A driver who was correctly proceeding on the main road when suddenly and without warning the defendant drove into the driver’s side of his vehicle at speed, which resulted in the Client sustaining brain injury and multiple orthopaedic injuries




The National Paralegal Awards are organised by the overarching voluntary regulator for Paralegals, the Professional Paralegal Register and rewards the fantastic work being done by Paralegals in the UK.”


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