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World Cancer Day – 04/02/2021

This is an international day marked on Thursday February 4th to raise awareness of cancer

This event was started by the Union for International Cancer Control in 2008.  Their aim is to encourage the prevention by educating the public to spot early signs or worrying symptoms by seeking medical attention and or intervention earlier.  Early detection and treatment can make a massive difference to the patients prospects of recovery as well as survival chances.  Cancer is still sadly synonymous with death even though there has been so much innovation in Cancer care.

The more people are aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, and there are many different types of cancer, the better chances they have of surviving it.  Often different types of cancer will need specialist oncology support from different specialist teams so with most cancers the earlier this is diagnosed the better it is for the patient and their families. Cancer treatment are varied and some treatment such as chemotherapy can cause adverse effects and this in turn can cause emotional and physical distress aside from any pain from the illness. A range of support is available but knowing when to seek help is the starting point from patient’s perspective.

On this day, charities will hold various events to support patients and their families ranging from coffee mornings to fun runs, all to raise vital funds for life saving research. World Cancer Day is marked not only to raise awareness and education but it is also marked to put pressure on governments around the world and the public to take positive action to avoid preventable deaths from cancer.

So what can we do together to help raise awareness?

  • Make a positive difference by supporting the cause, talk about it and if you can lend your support get involved with local cancer charities or make a donation to your chosen cancer charity to help the funding of research
  • Be there for people who might have cancer and encourage those you know to seek medical help earlier.  Many people will shy away from getting help but the NHS have said that they still want people to seek medical care of they have worrying symptoms.

During the pandemic we will have heard of cases where cancer treatments have been put on hold due to pressures on the NHS to care for Covid-19 patients. Sadly, this will cause more suffering and anxiety to those already with cancer and to  their families but the NHS want patients to seek help if they have any worrying non Covid-19 health issue. Charities supporting cancer patients and families want to promote positive action as they know how hard it can for those with cancer.

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