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Your Guide To Making A Personal Injury Claim

  1. Find a specialist Personal Injury solicitor

IMD Solicitors offer a free initial case assessment. To see if you have a justifiable claim, call 0333 358 3062 or complete the form

  1. What your Personal Injury solicitor needs from you

  • The date of the accident;
  • Where and exactly how the accident happened;
  • The contact details for any witnesses to the accident;
  • The details of your injuries, medical diagnosis and treatment;
  • Proof of your loss of earnings and other financial expenses which are the result of your injury. This could include travel receipts to and from medical appointments;
  • Any documents that can be used to support your claim, including documents from before your accident or any evidence of previous accidents in similar circumstances;
  • Whether or not you are a member of a trade union (if you are a member, you may be entitled to free or reduced legal costs);
  • Details of relevant insurance policies you may have.
  1. How does the personal injury claims process begin?

In most case for example, road traffic accidents, accidents at work or accidents in a public place, a Claim Notification Form (CNF) will be sent to the Defendant’s insurers providing details of the accident, your losses and why you find them to be responsible for your injuries.

  1. How much is my personal injury claim worth?

The amount of compensation you receive depends on the injury you have received and importantly the length of time for which the injury will affect you.

For this, you need an independent medical report.

  1. Factors that can prolong a personal injury case

There may be aspects of a claim which inevitably take time, such as:

  • Investigations which may take several months;
  • We will have to obtain medical evidence to prove your injury and to value your claim;
  • We may have to wait until you have recovered sufficiently from your injuries before being in a position to value your claim.
  • If the defendant does not accept responsibility for your accident then, assuming the evidence to support your case is strong enough, court proceedings may have to be issued.
  • Although only a very small percentage of this type of case ever comes to trial, it is not unknown for cases to take up to a year from starting court proceedings to conclude.

However, even if proceedings are issued, it is always open to the defendant to make an offer of settlement at any point during the process.

Please remember that, in spite of all the above possibilities, we will do everything we can to ensure that your personal injury claim is settled as quickly as possible.

Making a Personal Injury Claim With IMD Solicitors

If you would like more information regarding the personal injury claims process, please get in touch with our expert Personal Injury team

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