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When you choose to join IMD Solicitors as a consultant, you will be working for yourself at a dynamic law firm. Our consultant solicitor model is designed to allow our lawyers to work in a way that suits them, offering better work-life balance, unlimited earning potential, and enabling the provision of high-quality legal services. We give you the freedom to practice how you want whilst providing the support you need to carry out your best work.

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Who are we?

Founded in 2015 by Marcin Durlak and Iwona Durlak, from the outset,  IMD Solicitors has taken pride in having strong, identifiable values. Mutual respect, tolerance and openness have laid the foundations for IMD to build an excellent reputation and strong relationships with clients.

Marcin’s great inspiration was his granddad Michal, born in 1919 in Kuty, a small town in what is now Ukraine. He recalls his granddad’s stories about diverse communities living in Kuty, happily, together before the Second World War. Everyone in the community respected each other and the differences which made them unique.

Even more powerful were his grandad’s stories about his suffering during the War and the forgiveness, resilience and kindness that followed after he was liberated from a Nazi concentration camp.

When Marcin was a teenager, he wanted to work for the European Union. Marcin strongly aligns with the EU values of respect, freedom and equality, as well as the concept of Europe with no borders.

Instead, when his native country Poland joined the EU in 2004, he moved to the UK, where he set up IMD Solicitors with Iwona. Marcin’s vision has always been to bring together a diverse team of experts to serve multicultural clients and to connect diverse communities with mutual respect, tolerance and inclusion – values that are so close to him and his family story.

Iwona is very passionate about delivering results for her clients. She is also of Polish origins, and she comes from a small town in the north-east of Poland. Coming from a relatively small town, Iwona has witnessed first-hand that success is often more challenging for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Throughout her career, Iwona has always been committed to fighting inequality and discrimination with the aid of the justice system – it is often the only route to ensure that those from disadvantaged backgrounds can protect their rights.

Her path to becoming a partner in a law firm in the UK did not come without sacrifice, but without having to make many tough decisions, she would not be so determined to cultivate the fighting spirit at IMD.

IMD Solicitors now offers clients both personal and corporate legal services. We are a multinational full-service law firm and a leading provider of legal services to international clients throughout England and Wales. From small to large enterprises to public and private companies, our solicitors provide tailored legal advice across a wide range of industries and sectors both nationally and internationally.

Our team of legal professionals work alongside a network of highly qualified experts and partners in the UK and abroad, allowing us to offer practical solutions to our clients’ legal needs. We understand the importance of clear communication, which is why we strive to speak with our clients in their native language and value cultural differences. We are client-focused, and we believe in building strong relationships.

Firm culture & values

We understand that the firm you choose to work for must reflect your personal values. At IMD Solicitors, we take our working culture seriously, because we believe it contributes to the career satisfaction of our team members. At IMD Solicitors, we are committed to helping diverse communities and minorities to thrive in the UK. Regardless of nationality, social status, gender, sexual orientation or religion, people are all equal in the eyes of the justice system. We aim to bring together an inclusive team of legal experts who can help our international clients solve their legal problems and prosper here in the UK.

The culture and values of our firm are an important part of working with us. We have clear and specific values which make our firm unique and an excellent place to work. If you are independently-minded and share our values, we could be the right firm for you.

We are culturally diverse

In order to serve our multicultural clients, we need a multicultural team. When you work with us, you will be working with talented lawyers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many members of our team are multilingual and work with clients in their native language to provide the highest level of client understanding and care.

We are respectful

Mutual respect is at the heart of our relationship with both clients and colleagues alike. We appreciate that for many clients, getting the legal help they need or discussing sensitive issues with a lawyer can be difficult, so we strive to put their minds at ease. Similarly, our solicitors work best when all of our team members act with empathy, respect and understanding towards their colleagues.

We are honest

We pride ourselves on being open and honest at all times and uphold the highest standards of integrity. Our solicitors always take a candid approach to providing legal solutions and make the costs of each course of action clear.

We are committed to excellence

We have built our business and reputation on our commitment to providing exceptional service and getting results for our clients. We pursue excellence and are dedicated to developing our skills and expertise. Our client-focused approach means we always put our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. We believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships.

Join IMD Solicitors as a Consultant Solicitor

We are an expanding full-service law firm leading the way in the provision of legal services for diverse international communities in the UK. We strive to offer outstanding client care and quality legal services and recognise the importance of jargon-free communication with our clients. Regardless of whether you are looking to develop your skills or already have a notable record in the legal profession, we are always interested to hear from talented 0330 107 0107 or email us at