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When a relationship ends, concerns for your children’s welfare will no doubt be your priority. The international children lawyers at IMD Solicitors can advise on all options available to parents to ensure any issues as to where your children should live or contact issues are resolved.

The first step ideally would be for parents to amicably discuss the needs of their children and come to a mutual agreement that has their children’s best interests at heart.  This can be done either with each other or via the help of a third party mediator.

Unfortunately though this isn’t always possible as usually emotions are running high and Court proceedings may have to be considered.  This should be the last resort however and the welfare of the children should remain paramount at all times.

Advising On International Children’s Issues

IMD Solicitors can help with a whole variety of children matters including:

  • Arrangements as to where your child/children should live
  • Contact arrangements – for the parent who does not live with the child/children
  • Parental responsibility issues
  • Permission/Consent for issuing a passport
  • Abduction

Many of our cases involve complex children act proceedings where one party has raised allegations of domestic abuse against another party. These can be lengthy proceedings and  in some circumstances a fact-finding hearing might be required so that the court determines the truth of any allegations raised.

Temporary/Permanent Removal Of Children From The UK

We also deal with cases that involve temporary or permanent removal of a child from the UK jurisdiction. This might be in cases where a parent wants to take their child back to their home country but the other parent might not be in agreement and so a court application might become necessary. This is a sensitive and often difficult decision to make but we can discuss all options available to you, whether you are the parent that wishes to take the child to another country or the parent that is opposed to this.

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