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Expert International Family Law Services in the UK:

Our specialist Family Law team conducts cases that have international elements and particularly cross-border divorce matters involving divorce proceedings in the UK where one party may have an international connection. Perhaps you are a French or German national living in England and you are considering a divorce in the UK or have received court papers from the UK, you should take advice at the earliest opportunity and speak to our top rated Family Law team today.  Similarly we also deal with children and financial settlement matters that have international elements.


When a married couple wish to formally end their marriage, one of the parties will need to apply to the court and submit a “petition”. The court will grant the divorce if it can be should that the marriage has suffered an “irretrievable breakdown”. We can explain each stage of the process to you and provide help and guidance for connected issue such as where each party to the marriage will live, how the assets and possessions will be divided and future arrangements for any children of the family. Our UK solicitors are experienced in divorce proceedings with an international element and financial settlements. 

Divorce Process


There are some circumstances where a couple might wish to separate from their spouse but not obtain a divorce. As such, you might also want to formalise an agreement you have reached about: property, savings, childcare arrangements, debts, mortgage and bills, possessions. We can advise you in respect of a “separation agreement” to deal with the above issues.

Children matters and contact disputes

Children matters and contact disputes

It is always desirable for parents to come to an agreement in respect of the arrangements for their children, such as, where the children should live, who they should spend time with, holiday contact, and taking a child abroad whether temporarily or permanently. Our expert UK solicitors can advise you on the best possible solutions for you and your family.

Obtaining Probate

Financial Issues & Settlements

During a divorce, it is important to consider how the family home and other financial assets and possessions will be divided. There are a number of ways to achieve this for example through negotiations with your Solicitor or by applying to the court for a court order. We will attempt to settle and reach an agreement, where possible and in these circumstances we can help you prepare a “Consent Order”. Our highly rated family services can advise you in respect of an agreement you and your spouse have reached or where you have not been able to reach an agreement.


Couples who are not married or in a civil partnership, but live together, are known as “cohabitees”.  They do not have the same legal rights as married couples of those in civil partnerships. We can advise you on cohabitation agreements, making  a will, buying property together, when one partner owns the property, parental responsibility in respect of your children, child maintenance is the relationship breaks down. Get in touch with our expert UK solicitors today to make an enquiry. 

Pre and post nuptial agreements

A properly drafted pre-nuptial agreement (“pre-nup”) or post nuptial agreement can help couples (including same-sex couples) to avoid disputes about their finances and assets before they enter into a relationship, during a relationship and when a relationship comes to an end. We can advise you on pre and post nuptial agreements. 

Child Abduction

Child Abduction is the process by which one parent takes or keeps a child abroad without the expressed consent of the other parent with parental responsibility or permission of the court. For more details about your rights as a parent in this situation or facing this situation, please contact us so that we can best advise you on your options. 

Surrogacy Law

Surrogacy Law

Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman(“the surrogate mother” agrees to become pregnant and give birth to a child or children on behalf of others who are or will ultimately become the parents of the new born child or children. We can advise and discuss your surrogacy needs and options.

Our multi-cultural International Family Solicitors are highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of family law and will do their utmost to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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