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Our UK based international child abduction lawyers can provide you with expert advice about your child abduction issues. Our offices are located in Manchester, London and Birmingham. Call our expert lawyers today on: 0330 107 0107 or arrange a call back.

Families With International Connections

Families with connections to more than one country often face additional problems in the event of a relationship break up and understandably, sometimes, one parent may decide that they want to return to their native country and take their child or children with them.

However, it should be noted that without receiving prior consent from the other parent or having permission from a Court, taking a child could be considered child abduction.  This is considered to be a criminal act.

Arrangements For Children After Separation

When couples separate, most of the arrangements regarding children can usually be resolved between the parents amicably.  However, in rare cases, the relationship between the parents may have broken down to such an extent that one parent feels compelled to abduct their child rather than risk losing them.

If you want to avoid proceedings relating to the possible abduction of your children, and want to ensure the best advice in taking the appropriate steps before travelling abroad with your child, such as obtaining a Specific Issue Order from the court, then get in touch today to speak with our multi-cultural family and children highly rated UK law team.

Our UK based team also acts for parents who have removed their children without the necessary consent.

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For professional legal advice about your child abduction matters, contact our specialist family law team today or call us on: 0330 107 0107. Our offices are based in the UK and located in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

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