About us

At IMD Solicitors, we are committed to helping diverse communities and minorities thrive in the UK. Regardless of nationality, social status, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, people are all equal in the eyes of the justice system. We aim to bring together an inclusive team of legal experts who can help our international clients to solve their legal problems and prosper here in the UK. 

Our culturally sensitive, diverse lawyers always go the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations – we are proud to make a difference. We understand how challenging it can be to find a lawyer you trust, particularly when discussing sensitive personal matters. We aim to build a connection with our clients, speaking to them in their native language where possible, to help alleviate the stress they may be experiencing. We set ourselves apart from our competitors through our commitment to making the lives of diverse communities and ethinic minorities better through our legal work.

IMD commitment to Diversity, equality and inclusion

We are a diverse and inclusive business. This is reflected in the make-up of our business as are colleagues are from different cultures and backgrounds. In fact we speak 16 different languages. We are proud to serve people like us. It is in our DNA to help minorities thrive and that is what we are about. We are uniquely positioned as an international firm to understand diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our values

Our values are important to us because they support our vision, shape our culture and truly reflect how we work. We are:

Our story

Founded in 2015 by Marcin Durlak and Iwona Durlak, from the outset IMD Solicitors has taken pride in having strong, identifiable values. Mutual respect, tolerance and openness have laid the foundations for IMD to build an excellent reputation and strong relationships with clients. 

Marcin’s great inspiration was his grandad Michal, born in 1919 in Kuty, a small town in what is now Ukraine. He recalls his grandad’s stories about diverse communities living in Kuty, happily together before the Second World War. Everyone in the community respected each other and the differences that made them unique.  

Even more powerful were his grandad’s stories about his suffering during the War and the forgiveness, resilience, and kindness that followed after he was liberated from a Nazi concentration camp.

When Marcin was a teenager, he wanted to work for the European Union. Marcin strongly aligns with the EU values of respect, freedom and equality, as well as the concept of Europe with no borders. 

Instead, when his native country Poland joined the EU in 2004, he moved to the UK where he set up IMD Solicitors with Iwona. Marcin’s vision has always been to bring together a diverse team of experts to serve multicultural clients and to connect diverse communities with mutual respect, tolerance and inclusion – values that are so close to him and his family story.

Iwona is very passionate about delivering results for her clients. She is also of Polish origins and comes from a small town in the north-east of Poland. Coming from a relatively small town, Iwona has witnessed that success is often more challenging for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Throughout her career, Iwona has been committed to fighting inequality and discrimination with the aid of the justice system – it is often the only route to ensure that those from disadvantaged backgrounds can protect their rights.

Her path to becoming a partner in a law firm in the UK did not come without sacrifice. Without having had to make many tough decisions throughout her life, she would not have been so determined to cultivate the fighting spirit that IMD is renowned for. 

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading law firm supporting international communities and businesses in the UK with a team of experts who can provide results when dealing with complex, cross jurisdictional matters. 

However, as we grow, it is important to us that we preserve the family spirit of the firm and the strong feeling of inclusiveness we have cultivated across our team. Every member of our diverse team shares our values and brings a unique perspective and understanding to the work we do.

We have a caring, collaborative, and welcoming culture which is something we will never sacrifice for business growth. 

We are also united by our purpose  – connecting diverse communities and helping minorities thrive. Although we are a boutique law firm, many clients choose to work with us over the top 100 law firms in the country because, not only we can deliver excellent service and results, but we also have a unique connection with our clients. 

Our promise


We will communicate without legal jargon and, wherever possible, in your native language;

We will keep you up to date on the progress of your case; and

We will return your call or email, within 1 working day.


We will ensure that appropriately skilled and experienced legal specialist handles your case;

We will work hard to ensure that we get the best possible result for you; and

We will listen to your feedback and take appropriate action.


We will be open and transparent about our fees; 

We will contact you for approval before we incur any additional costs; and

We will send invoices that are clear and set out a description of the work done.

We know that often getting the legal help you need can feel daunting. Our team members are always happy to discuss how we can help and will set out your options for moving forward clearly. 

Contact our expert team today

If you need legal advice, call us today on 0330 107 0107 or contact us by email by completing the enquiry form and submitting it through our website. Our expert solicitors will review your enquiry and get in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you thrive. 

Marcin Durlak, our Managing Partner, discusses our values, purpose and mission

Iwona Durlak, our Senior Partner, explains our values, purpose and mission

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