Our Buddy Programme

Our Buddy Programme

Our Buddy Programme at IMD Solicitors embodies our commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all our new colleagues, whether they join us as staff members or self-employed consultants. Recognising the unique challenges posed by remote working, we established this programme to ensure that no new joiner feels isolated or disconnected from our firm’s culture and values.

For the initial 6 months, each new colleague is paired with a dedicated buddy, a member of the Team who has been part of the IMD for at least 2 years and possesses the necessary insight into our firm’s ethos, internal culture and processes. It’s a gateway for new joiners to seamlessly integrate into our Team.

The importance of cultural and values alignment cannot be overstated. At IMD Solicitors, we believe that a deep understanding and embracement of our core values and culture not only facilitate professional growth but also contribute significantly to personal development and job satisfaction. Our Buddy Programme is designed to bridge the gap between new and existing team members, promoting a shared sense of purpose and belonging.

This initiative also serves to foster connections within our team, encouraging open communication and mutual support across different levels and departments. By facilitating these connections, we not only enhance our collaborative efforts but also strengthen the fabric of our firm’s community, making it more resilient, cohesive, and vibrant.

The success of our Buddy Programme is a testament to our dedication to nurturing a supportive, inclusive, and engaging workplace. It reflects our ongoing commitment to not just maintaining, but continually enhancing the well-being and professional development of every member of our Team. Through this programme, we aim to ensure that every new colleague feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to contribute to our collective success.