Post and Pre-nuptial Agreements

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Some people feel pre-nups and post-nups are unromantic but if you are looking to protect your interests whilst in a relationship, then these options should be seriously considered:

Pre-nuptial agreement

A pre-nuptial (pre-nup) agreement  is a formal written agreement between two partners prior to their marriage.The agreement sets out ownership of belongings (to include money, assets and property) and explains how they will be divided in the event of the breakdown of the marriage.

Post-nuptial agreement

The purpose of a post-nuptial agreement is to set out decisions reached between a couple about their finances, assets and property, in the event that the relationship breaks down. Different to a pre-nup,  post-nuptial (post-nup) agreements are for people who are already married or in a civil partnership.

It’s important that both agreements are regularly updated and if children are or become involved, then the needs of those children should be taken into account within the agreement.

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