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£75,000 Compensation Secured for Injured Worker at Building Site

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Date published: 21/11/2023

The Serious and Catastrophic Personal Injury team at IMD Solicitors recently achieved a significant settlement for a skilled plasterer who sustained injuries in an accident while working on a building site in Manchester.

About the client

Our client, an experienced plasterer originally from Latvia, had become highly sought-after among employers in the Manchester area, where he worked on various building sites.

About the case  

The incident occurred when our client was lifting a large plasterboard sheet from a stack. Unbeknownst to him, the plasterboards were arranged in an unstable manner, leading to the entire stack collapsing on him. This resulted in severe crushing fractures to his leg and foot, necessitating three separate surgeries over the following month to stabilize his injuries.

Following the traumatic fracture of the foot, our client experienced not only physical pain but also a profound restriction in their daily activities. The severity of the fracture resulted in acute and persistent discomfort, ranging from sharp, stabbing pain to a constant, throbbing ache. Simple tasks such as walking, standing, and even bearing weight on the affected foot became excruciating challenges.

The fracture brought about a significant restriction in mobility, disrupting our client’s routine and independence. The foot, essential for basic mobility, became a source of continuous discomfort, making it challenging to perform even the most routine activities. The pain also impacted the client emotionally as he grappled with the frustration and limitations imposed by his injury.

Defendants’ Response

Initially, our client faced blame for the accident, with suggestions that he had improperly stacked the plasterboards and mishandled them. Subsequently, he was dismissed from his employment, leaving him without income and means of support.

How IMD Solicitors Assisted

Our team conducted a thorough investigation, scrutinizing accident reports, examining photographs, and interviewing witnesses. Through compelling evidence, we persuaded the defendants’ solicitors to admit that our client was not at fault. We also successfully shifted the blame onto the client’s employer, revealing that their attempt to attribute the accident to our client’s actions was a gross misrepresentation of the actual events.

Our client underwent a comprehensive rehabilitation journey aimed at restoring not only physical function but also overall well-being. The rehabilitation process was a crucial component in allowing our client to return to normal life after the trauma.

Negotiations of settlement

IMD Solicitors engaged in extensive negotiations with the defendant to secure a just settlement for our client following his traumatic foot injury. The negotiations, spanning a rigorous five-hour session, were a pivotal juncture in the legal proceedings, marked by a commitment to advocating for our client’s rights and fair compensation.

Facing initial resistance and attempts to shift blame onto our client, our legal team presented compelling evidence that dismantled the defendant’s arguments. Thoroughly reviewing accident reports, scrutinizing photographs, and interviewing witnesses, we effectively demonstrated the defendant’s liability in the incident. This strategic approach not only refuted allegations against our client but also placed the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the employer, exposing their misrepresentation of the events leading to the injury.

Our Serious and Catastrophic Injury team skillfully argued and emphasized the profound impact of the foot injury on our client’s life, both physically and emotionally. The resultant settlement of £75,000 was a testament to the strength of our case and the diligent negotiations undertaken on behalf of our client.

The negotiated settlement not only provided our client with financial relief but also acknowledged the hardships endured. It allowed for the continuation of rehabilitation efforts, further contributing to our client’s recovery. The successful negotiations stand as a testament to IMD Solicitors’ unwavering commitment to securing best outcome for our clients.

Case outcome

After extensive negotiations lasting five hours with the defendant’s representative, we secured a settlement of £75,000. This amount was significantly higher than the initial offers made by the defendants. The settlement brought immense relief to our client, enabling him to move forward with his life. Throughout the case, we facilitated rehabilitation for the client, with the costs covered by the defendant. Ultimately, he made a substantial recovery and returned to full-time employment.

How IMD solicitors can help you

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This article is for general information only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Please note that the law may have changed since this article was published.

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