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Could effective co-parenting be a solution to reducing children cases in court?

Indeed, family courts are seeing the number of ‘private law’ cases increase each year.  In the light of this, CAFCASS had undertaken an analysis on the topic which suggests that a third of separating families use the courts to resolve disputes involving children. In its findings, CAFCASS suggests that an effective co-parenting could be a solution to reducing the number of cases going into courts.

There is the immense pressure on family courts as there more cases to process than there is resource. CAFCASS has suggested that a greater emphasis should be placed on co-parenting and finding ways to support parents effectively so that they can prioritise the interests of their child, despite the stress they may be suffering during and after separation.

It has been further proposed by CAFCASS that a public health approach to a problem would prevent cases from reaching crisis, with social care professionals working together to help the children cases from reaching a crisis point. Family separation is no doubt a traumatic time for every family member and with better cooperation and the appropriate support, families can reach an agreement better without the need for courts proceedings.

If you are a parent who is having trouble reaching an agreement with your separated partner in regard to children, contact our friendly Family team today for legal advice on the issue. Amicable negotiations through IMD Solicitors could bring you one step closer to achieving an agreement that is best for your family!

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