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At every stage of life, you’ll want to protect the future for both you and your loved ones, especially when it comes to your minor children.

We totally understand that talking about the eventuality of your death can be uncomfortable, but making your wishes clear now, can save a lot of future worry.

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Making a Will is the only way to be certain that your wishes will be met after you die. So many people put it off but without a Will your assets will pass to your relatives in accordance with intestacy rules and those often aren’t the people or causes you intend your assets to go to.

A Will is a legally binding document that will stop this from happening. It can also help to ensure that your children are looked after by a person that you see as the most suitable to entrust the safety and future of your children in their hands. Appointment of a Guardian for your children allows that the person you have named in your Will to acquire Parental Responsibility in the event of your death. Protecting a child’s future is without a doubt every parent’s most important duty, and a Will in place can help to ensure that the child receives best possible care.

We will advise you on what needs to be considered and what needs to be done to secure effective appointment of a guardian.

Avoiding Disputes

When making a decision about instructing a Law Firm to deal with your Will, you should ensure that they are able to offer you bespoke service, tailored to your needs and individual circumstances.

Badly drafted Wills are extremely dangerous for families and can cause all kinds of upset and arguments. If a Will is badly drafted it can cause uncertainty and that will only give rise to future issues. Leaving a properly prepared Will should remove any doubt as to who you want to benefit from your estate and avoid additional stress for your family at an already difficult time.

Our multi-cultural wills and probate lawyers can expertly draft your Will for you (or update one you may have already), which can be safely kept at our firm and, should you wish, we can also deal with the administration of your estate.

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