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Deportation Appeal Specialists

If you’ve broken immigration rules either by living in the UK illegally or by committing a serious crime, the Home Office can make you leave, otherwise referred to as deportation. Our deportation appeal solicitors can help you make an appeal.

If you have received a Notice of Intended Deportation or a decision to deport you or a member of your family, you do have the right to appeal and we can help you.

Deportation law is complex and should be dealt with by specialists in European Human Rights. Here at IMD, our team are highly experienced in every stage of Deportation.

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Information About Deportation

  • A decision on deportation should be made based on a Law (it cannot be based on an officer’s thinking)
  • Arguments against deportation of a foreigner have to be heard
  • A person that receives a decision about deportation, is entitled to appeal the decision
  • A person that receives a decision about deportation is able to instruct a representative (solicitor, lawyer, or other person), who will act for them during the proceedings
  • One of the ways we can stop deportation is by showing that it will be against your Human Rights which are guaranteed by European Convention.
  • Infringement of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (Right to Privacy) is the most common. It is not an absolute law so, we will need to prove that deportation from the UK will be unproportioned interference in rules of the Convention.

Our team has a broad scope of knowledge in the matter of European Human Rights, and also years of experience in dealing with cases of deportation to other EU countries.

If you are worried about being deported or have already received a decision to deport you or a family member, act now and contact one of our deportation appeal Solicitors today.

Our Solicitors and Lawyers are here to guide you every step of the way in your native language.

Funding Your Case

Please note that our firm does not offer services under legal aid. We choose to offer an experienced, bespoke and personal service to our clients. Our pricing information can be found under Our Costs.

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