EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit

EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit

Our specialist immigration Solicitor dealing predominantly with EEA/EU immigration applications makes it possible for non EEA nationals to join their EEA family members in the UK.

We are offering bespoke service to our clients and we aim to surpass the expectations. We will consider your circumstances and we will make sure that the application is prepared using the strongest arguments. The more complex the application is, and the more difficult the circumstances are, the harder we will work to ensure the desired result.

We are representing clients that are wishing to join their spouses, parents, children, cousins in the UK, but also unmarried partners.

We have recently represented an Armenian national that wished to join her long term partner in the UK. She had made an application for the family permit prior to appointing IMD Solicitors and the application was refused. When she spoke to our immigration Solicitor she was advised that a fresh application needs to be made and new evidence provided. Unfortunately, the EEA national that our client wanted to join was still married to his previous partner.  Due to very difficult circumstances and an illness of the previous partner of the EEA national, it was not possible to apply for a divorce. Nevertheless our team dealing with the EEA immigration applications have managed to obtain relevant evidence that supported the application, and proved that even though the couple was not married and moreover, the EEA national was still married to his former partner, the relationship was durable and the application was successful.

They  EU Settlement Scheme Family Permits are issued in advance of the journey and they are free of charge.

There are currently two ways to apply to join your partner or a family member in the UK:

  1. The EEA Family Permit
  2. The EU settlement Scheme Family Permit

If the EEA national you wish to join has already obtained settled or pre-settled status under the Scheme.

The EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit

You can apply if :

  • you are from the outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • you are a close family member of the EEA national
  • the EEA national that you are joining is in the UK already or will be travelling with you to the UK within 6 months from the date of the application and they have ‘’settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

Please note that if you are not a close family member of the EEA national you should be making an application under the EEA Family permit.

The documents that you will have to provide to support your application will be:

  • valid passport
  • evidence of the relationship with the EEA national
  • proof of dependency where applicable

If you require advice on whether you are eligible to make an application for EEA Family Permit or EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit or whether you can stay in the UK after your permit expires please contact IMD Solicitors and one of our advisors will be able to help you.

Funding Your Case

Please note that our firm does not offer services under legal aid. We offer an experienced, bespoke and personal service to our clients. Our pricing information can be found under Our Costs

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