Drug offences

The authorities and Courts take drug offences very seriously.  The seriousness of an offence usually comes down to two main factors:

1. The type of drug

Illegal drugs are split into classifications A to C, with A being viewed as the most serious.

  • Class A: Ecstasy, Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Methamphetamine
  • Class B: Cannabis, Amphetamines
  • Class C: Anabolic Steroids, Ketamine, Tramadol

2. The extent of the person’s involvement with that drug

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession of drugs with an intent to supply
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug importation
  • Drug exportation
  • Drug production

Due to the complex nature of these cases, it’s extremely important that you are advised by an expert from the very beginning.  Our criminal team have years of experience of dealing with clients that have been arrested on drug related charges.

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