Police Station Representation And Advice

Been Arrested Or Asked To Attend A Police Station Interview?

Have you been arrested or asked to attend a police station for interview? An interview at a police station is a stressful and worrying experience and it is vital that you are represented by a highly experienced lawyer who will be able to advise you of your rights. Contact our specialist criminal defence lawyers who specialise in police station representation and advice on 0330 107 0107 today.

It is important to note that everyone has the right to have legal advice and representation during the course of an investigation at a police station. Our multi-cultural criminal law team have vast experience in this area and will attend the police station with you to provide you with the advice and representation that you need.

Under Caution

The police have the power to arrest anyone suspected of a criminal act.   If you are arrested, you will usually be interviewed under caution.

Being interviewed under caution means that the interview is conducted in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.  You will be informed of the caution upon initial arrest and at the start of your interview and must be given if you are being asked questions where it is suspected that you have committed an offence.

If you are interviewed under caution it is important that you have a solicitor with you so that your rights and interests can be protected.

What Happens During The Police Interview?

One of our dedicated criminal law solicitors will have the opportunity to have a consultation with the investigating officer who will supply information about the allegation.  The police are bound by procedure and law to do this.  After the initial consultation with the investigating officer, our expert team member (your solicitor) will have the opportunity to speak with you in private.

During this private meeting, we will let you know what information we have received so far and will then ask for your account of the facts.

We will then advise what the best course of action for the interview is i.e should you give an account or no account or a limited account of what has happened and we will also ensure that you get the chance to put on record any facts that you might want to rely on later.

Your interview will then commence with your solicitor in attendance.

What Happens If You Are Charged?

If a decision is made to charge you for the offence, then your solicitor will also be able to advise you further and represent you at court at a later date.

Private Or Duty Solicitor

IMD Solicitors do not undertake duty or legal aid work as we choose to offer an experienced, bespoke and personal service to our clients.

Here at IMD Solicitors our experts will focus on only your case to make sure you receive the required attention and advice.  As a result, you will be more prepared for your police station interview which will help to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Case Experience: Police Station Representation

Our serious crime team have extensive experience in providing professional police station representation.

  • Operation Lantern: Chinese triad violent disorder in Manchester. Instructed by 20 defendants at the police station stage.
  • R v B: Complex human rights matter concerning cyber crime which was successfully resolved at the police station stage. Client comment – “Thanks to Brian Mason Esq, who showed great consideration, decency, efficiency, intelligence, legal acuity and wisdom”.

Contact Our Criminal Law Team In London & Manchester

Our highly specialist multi-cultural criminal law team are the team to have on your side for professional police station representation. Contact us immediately on 0330 107 0107 if you have been requested to attend for police interview or on arrest.

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