Cycling accidents

Cycling is an enjoyable, healthy and cost effective way to travel. More and more people are taking up this mode of transport whether for pleasure, fitness or simply to commute to and from work.

Cyclists though can be vulnerable when on busy roads and if involved in accidents, injuries can range from cuts and bruises to extremely serious head and/or spinal injuries or sadly even death.

Our expert multi-cultural personal injury UK lawyers handle many types of cycling accident claims which can include:

  • Cyclists being knocked off their bike by another road user
  • Cyclists being hit by motorists who fail to see them
  • Poorly maintained road or cycle lane
  • Petrol/diesel spillages or debris left in the road

When considering making a claim, our specialist team of solicitors based in the UK are here to guide you through the process, every step of the way. We will establish who was responsible for your injuries and will ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

A successful claim will ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve for any pain and suffering as a result of your accident but may also help to cover the cost of any treatment or rehabilitation support that you may need. We will also ensure that you are compensated for any financial losses.

No Win No Fee

We offer our services on a “NO WIN, NO FEE” basis.

This means that there’s nothing for you to pay upfront, and that you won’t have to pay any legal fees if your claim isn’t successful.

If successful, part of your compensation will be paid to us to cover our fees. This cost will be 25% of the compensation awarded to you at the end of your case. This percentage is a usual and standard charge throughout the legal industry.

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